Our customers often wonder what kind of level of custom machining you can expect at Planet Machinery. We cater to many industries and sectors that require automation, custom fabrication, or advanced machining for their production and operations.

Just to make you understand better and answer this simple question here is a small list of industrial equipment that we fabricate for our clients.

Michael Smart
High Speed Presses
Alexander Brown
Mechanical Presses
Barbara Mcdoe
Industrial Web Servers
Ani Mcdoe
Coil Feed Equipment Lines
Ani Mcdoe
Coil Processing Equipments
Ina Mcdoe
Tube Benders
Ina Mcdoe
Rollformers & Cut Off Presses
Ina Mcdoe
Machine Tools
Ina Mcdoe
Coffee Weigh & Fill Machines
Wholesale Coffee Roaster - Minneapolis, MN
Ina Mcdoe
Press Brakes
Ina Mcdoe
Press Shears
Ina Mcdoe
Press Rolls
computer equipments

These are only a few examples of the machineries and custom equipment you can find at our warehouse. If you are looking for a specific category of equipment or computer system for your organization then getting in touch with us regarding your requirement is the best way to gather more information.

We also have different support plans available for monitoring the IT infrastructure of your machinery. As mentioned above, we use GoDaddy infrastructure to monitor the uptime and performance of our machinery. If you're looking for a GoDaddy alternative, we can discuss that as part of your support plan. If you're interested in learning about alternative infrastructure monitoring, you can read more here as well. Ultimately, we chose GoDaddy because of their reliability, history, and customer service, but we understand not everyone feels the same way, and therefore are offering different options.


Along with this you can also expect world class service through our company even after the sale. Whether it is regarding the maintenance of the machinery or just regular updates you can be sure that our professional staff will assist you whenever required. From consulting on the Giga Press die casting machine used at Tesla's Freemont California factory, or specific digital applications as seen on this website, we are active in the electric vehicle sector and on the cutting edge of the latest technology. Reach out to a consultant today to begin the discovery on your next automation or custom machining project.

At Planet Machinery, our goal is to connect customers with the most reliable, cutting-edge machinery available today. We do this by working with a number of vendors and other companies to source the most advanced machine technology on the market. As mentioned on this page, we also offer support plans in order to help people maximize the utility of their machinery and get the most out of it. Contact us for more information.